Learn More about TJ Crossman's Auto Repair in Vista, CA

TJ Crossman's Auto Repair started in 2006 solely as a mobile auto repair service—the “shop” was TJ’s Chevy Suburban outfitted with a trailer to hold all of his tools and an air compressor. Through the years, TJ upgraded a couple of times, first to a utility truck and then to a better mobile service truck. Eventually, he was so busy that he and his partner at the time based themselves in an auto shop two doors down from the current location.

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While they were working out of the shop and continuing to offer mobile repair services, the shop down the way was going out of business, and TJ and his partner bought the equipment and signed a lease. After a month of remodeling and organizing, TJ and his crew opened up TJ Crossman's Auto Repair on July 8, 2013.

Winning Auto Repair Team

TJ and his auto repair crew work together like a winning sports team, with each player in the perfect position. And it shows! We won the Heroes of Vista, Small Business of the Year award in 2015. Join our many “fans” and trust us to handle all of your automotive needs, from oil changes to engines and everything in between, including tires, check engine lights, tune-ups, and timing belts.

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Vintage Values Ensure Customer Satisfaction & Quality Work

When you walk into TJ Crossman's Auto Repair, you are transported back to the 1950s and 60s, first by the décor and second by the warm, hearty welcome you will receive. TJ gave the shop its retro look because he feels that era held the highest standards for customer service and workmanship, which he believes are key to running a successful auto repair business.

About the Owner, TJ Crossman

TJ is from a farm town in Massachusetts, where he lived until he moved to Vista in 1992. Growing up, he actually worked on a dairy farm milking cows, as well as a vegetable farm and a hay farm. During high school, he went to a trade school to learn carpentry.

Once in Vista, TJ picked up his first wrench, working with his father at a smog and auto repair shop. Since then, he has gained mechanical experience working at a couple of local businesses and for the U.S. Forest Service, repairing any and all of their equipment, from fire trucks to law enforcement vehicles.

After his Forest Service contract ended, TJ decided to venture out on his own into the automotive repair industry. One of the primary reasons he started TJ Crossman's Auto Repair was because he didn’t agree with the unethical practices of some businesses. To TJ, customer service and quality should never be sacrificed for money or volume.

TJ Crossman

Meet Bob, YOUR Service Advisor!

Bob Moore is originally from Upstate New York, he discovered San Diego in 1985 when he came out for a bicycle race then was instantly captivated by the weather, beaches, and everything San Diego had to offer! For the last 15 years Bob resides in Oceanside and has become more of a motorcycle and car racing enthusiast. Although it shows that cars are Bob's number one passion, you would never know Bob is formally trained in culinary arts, and he also likes to read and keep up on technology.

Bob started his career as a Service Advisor in the automotive industry back in 1990 at one of the local Honda dealerships where he called home for about 21 years. Since then he has worked for Chevrolet, Toyota and Cadillac where he has been factory trained by each manufacturer. Bob has since found the he likes the diversity and variety of vehicles that he encounters by working at an independent shop like TJ Crossman's Auto Repair. No matter what you drive, Bob has the expertise to help make sure your vehicle is reliable, well maintained and what it takes to keep you and your family safe while driving down the road.

Bob is a great member of The TJ Crossman's Auto team! His number one concern no matter what, is that each and every customer that he encounters is taken care of no matter what. I guess this is just one of the reasons why everyone loves Bob!

Bob Moore